BetonBrouwers again the strongest during the Concrete Canoe Challenge (2012)

During the Dutch Concrete Canoe Challenge 2012, organized by students of Windesheim, the BetonBrouwers scored an unique result. For the fifth year in succession the BetonBrouwer concrete canoe delegation proved to be the strongest: in all speed categories the gold medal was won. In addition the BetonBrouwers also won the sustainability award.

The 35th edition of the Concrete Canoe Challenge took place on Saturday the 2nd of June on the canals of Zwolle. The contestants this year consisted of several teams of MBOs, HBO’s and universities from the Netherlands and a team from Poland. On Friday all participating canoes were already approved by the jury. The BetonBrouwers showed their black concrete canoes, with a red concrete inlaid Twents steed at the stern, their sustainable concrete canoe and their foldable concrete canoe. Especially the last two canoes draw attention. The sustainable canoe was composed of recycled material of canoes from previous seasons that were smashed into pieces/small particles. The foldable canoe, when folded a package of +/- 15cm wide, 40cm high and 2.4m long, was built as an innovative concept. This high quality piece of engineering floated, but due to the low stability is was not very manageable on the water.

On Saturday the teams moved to the city centre of Zwolle to compete against each other on the town canals. Under a blue sky the preliminary rounds were paddled during the first half of the day.  The various races were very exciting and the outcome of the races regularly surprising. The canoes from the BetonBrouwers very well and competed for the first place in virtually any heat. This was ultimately confirmed when in each of the nine finals (100m, 200m and 400m, divided among the men, women and mix) at least one boat from the BetonBrouwers was present. Eventually all these finals were won by the team from Enschede. An unique achievement. Besides that the BetonBrouwers also won the sustainability award with their recycled canoe. For the fifth consecutive time the team from Twente was crowned as ‘Overall Winner’.

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