BetonBrouwers also successful in France (2012)

In the weekend of 21 and 22 April the BetonBrouwers competed in the Challenge Canoë Béton in Saint-Laurent-Blangy (Northern France). It had been quite a while since the last concrete canoe challenge in France, therefore it was the first time in the history of the BetonBrouwers that we competed on French soil. In the challenge four teams competed, being Mines de Douai (FR), Bochum (DU), Dresden (DU) and the BetonBrouwers (NL). During the weekend beers and ‘good’ stories were shared with our German and French colleagues and the teams were fanatically encouraged during the races. Although the number of participants was quite small, a nice competition took place on the waters of Saint-Laurent-Blangy. In the slalom Leonie & Frank turned out to be unbeatable in the final against Ynze & Cindy, although it was a close race and they even hit each other at the turning point. The following day the sprint races took place and also in this discipline the beautiful black canoes from Twente proved to be very fast, resulting in a second final with two teams from the BetonBrouwers. But the weekend was not only about racing. Presentations had to be held about the design and construction of the canoes and experiences were shared concerning each other’s canoes. In the end this resulted in a exchange of canoes after the races with the crew from Dresden. Very interesting since it are two complete different designs and it gave us and the crew from Dresden the opportunity to experience the characteristics of the canoes. In the end of the event our construction report was even awarded with the first price and in combination with the races the BetonBrouwers became the overall champion of this French challenge! The small amount of teams made it a cozy group and in combination with the good organization it was a fantastic weekend. After the closing ceremony the canoes had to be transported back to our headquarters were we are preparing our canoes for the Concrete Canoe Challenge in Zwolle (NL) on the 2nd of June. Click here to see more photos