ENCI visit 2016

Friday we went to visit the concrete lab of ENCI in Rotterdam with four BetonBrouwers. The pupose of this visit was to plan one of our biggest challenges yet: construct the world’s first Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) canoe.
The day started out with a small brainstorm session about the construction of the mold for the canoes. While the UHPC has great properties, it provides a major challenge for the construction of a canoe: it is not possible to smear the concrete to a mold, as it is to fluid to stick. We therefore discussed some techniques to pour the concrete into a mold.
We then went into the laboratory to compose a trail mixture ourselves and test some earlier mixtures on the tensile strength. The UHPC displays some impressive properties with a tensile strength of over 20 MPA and a compressive strength of up to 170 MPa within just 7 days! We also poured some of the mortal into a small mold to get more familiar with the casting methods for the UHPC.
In the coming weeks we will finish the design and construction of the mold to get one step closer to our ultimate goal to create the world’s first UHPC canoe!

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