Irma alias ‘Anouk’s sister’


BetonBrouwer since 2017
Current function: Chef Mal

This girl from the sunny south did not show any interest in the BetonBrouwers in her first year. However, in her second year she became a passionate BetonBrouwer. Her debut in Eindhoven was not spotless, even together with her sister in the canoe, she could not win. During the BKR she could not even win a fight with a canoe during a late-night adventure. This means more training for Irma for the years to come. An advantage of Irma is that you can always find her. Especially when she enjoyed some alcoholic beverages, she turns up her volume. You can hear Irma’s laughter on kilometres distance. The next years she hopes to improve the mould of the canoes and of course her performances during the races.

PS: Irma is a major fan of Hugo, so if your name is Hugo please contact the BetonBrouwers.