Alex alias ‘Aapje 1’

BetonBrouwer since 2012 Alex
Current function: General member
Previous functions: Chairman, Eventmanager

Alex Bos was born in 1993 in the small village of Soest. Untill 2011 he lived in the city of Enkhuizen and everybody can hear that because of his remarkable accent . In 2011 he left the westside of the country to study civil engineering in Twente. During the introduction he met the BetonBrouwers for the first time. After a couple of months he was persuaded and he decided to join us. After some training in the canoe it turned out that Alex was unbelievable strong. Alex is not a tall guy and that’s why many people underestimate his primal strength.

This leads me to another story. There was ones a big giant, an enormous guy of at least two meters high and as strong and furry as a polar bear. The man was arrogant and he claimed to be the strongest man alive, he challenged everybody to fight him so he could prove his strength. Alex did not want to fight the man, he was tired and had a hangover from the amazing party that night before with the BetonBrouwers and even managed to pick up a beautiful girl. The giant was obviously mad at Alex, he was jealous, he too wanted to have the ability to pick up girls, but most girls were afraid of the man. Without a warning he took his anger out on Alex and he slammed Alex on the back of the head with his enormous fist. Alex fell to the ground, he did not know what came over him. Suddenly two hands as big as coal shuffles grabbed him of the ground and threw him in the air. Alex landed at least five meters away with a loud thump. He managed to recover just fast enough to dodge the giant that was running towards him like an upcoming train. Alex was mad, his neck hurt and there was dirt all over his favorite shirt. This made Alex mad and making Alex mad is the worst decision you can make. The man was coming at him again he tried to strike Alex but Alex was far too fast for the man. He dodged every blow and the giant was surprised. He did not expect the little Alex to be the Judo champion of the Netherlands in his age and weight class. The giant tried to pick Alex up again, but failed. He tried to push Alex to the ground, but he failed. Alex fought back with fast blows to the stomach of the giant ending his fists against the chin of the giant with an strong uppercut. The giant looked dazzled but still kept trying to hit Alex and he kept failing to hit the little man. Finally, with a perfectly timed ippong Alex threw the giant through the air. He landed on his head and the force of the final blow rendered him unconscious. Alex dusted himself off and went to look for his fellow BetonBrouwers to open up a nice cold beer, he earned it… The giant, the stranger, was never seen again and everybody learned a valuable lesson, don’t make Alex mad…