Anouk alias ‘Watch out for Anouk’

BetonBrouwer since 2016 Anouk
Current function: Assistant Concrete

During the preparation for the 2016 season, it became clear that all female members of the BetonBrouwers would leave the beautiful committee. However, accepting new members mid-season is not a thing we like to do. Luckily, Anouk was prepared to join the pouring/meshing-team, so we got to know her already. Her dedication to the process of making the canoes was wildly appreciated, and so she was allowed to join the team which would go to the BetonKanoRace in Arnhem. Unfortunately, Anouk did not win any prices. She blames this on the canoe, having a biased direction, but the other BetonBrouwers think she just cannot steer our majestic beasts. Nevertheless, her enthusiasm convinced the members of the BetonBrouwers that she could add something to the team.

Anouks origins can be found in Leusden, out of all places. This town next to the trashiest city of the Netherlands, Amersfoort, raised her to become a real concrete lover. Her love for concrete is so strong that she has had some intimate moments with some (former) BetonBrouwers and other ConcepT members. However, this did not give her an advantage for joining the team. Her love for concrete gave her the function of fresher-concrete, so she gets to learn about concrete from the concrete-masters Kai and Daan.