Daan alias ‘Drinkerink’ alias ‘Stinkerink’

BetonBrouwer since 2014 Daan_Drinkerink
Previous function: Chief Concrete

The man with two names and only three facial expressions. The people call him Stinkerink or Drinkerink, leading experts still don’t know where these names come from they suppose that these names developed during a brainstorm evening with way to much beer. These experts still wonder how he made it into the elite group of BetonBrouwers.
The tracks of Mr. Brinkerink aka Drinkerink aka Stinkerink reach way back until the early 2010th where he started in the small city of Amsterdam. In this city he realized that this city has way to less knowledge of concrete so he turned on his computer and searched for “city with the most knowledge about concrete” and as we all know the first result is Enschede with a direct link to the website of the BetonBrouwers. Mr Stinkerink aka Drinkerink aka Brinkerink is a wise man and he knew that if he want to take over the beunhaasbedrijf (bunglercompany) of his dad he need to study. So the choice for Daan was very easy move to Enschede, gain knowledge over concrete take over the bunglercompany.
During his study Daan realized that there was one secret group like the A-Team that had even more knowledge about concrete, the BetonBrouwers. With the big aim of taking over the bunglercompany he wrote a letter of application to the BetonBrouwers. During the interview with Mr Drinkerink aka Stinkerink aka Brinkerink the commission realized that Daan only can express himself in three different ways. These ways can be explained in a popular song, which goes as follows:

Soft kitty, happy daan
Warm kitty, drunken Daan
Little ball of fur. Curly ball of hair
Happy kitty, curious Daan
Sleepy kitty, drunken Daan
Purr Purr Purr Purr Purr Purr

After his first year he was the leading expert in making the perfect concrete mixture. The concrete god realized that and came to Daan one night. The concrete god said: “Done my beloved son, you managed to reach the top of mount concrete mixture. Now go down to the freshmen and teach them how to make concrete. “
With this prophecy Daan become a student assistant, who now teaches the freshmen how to make the perfect concrete.