Daan alias ‘Feutje Daan’ alias ‘Fresher Daan’

BetonBrouwer since 2014 Daan
Current function: Chief Innovation
revious functions: Event Manager, Chairman

Daan Kampherbeek was born in 1996 on Dierendag (Day of the animal). He grew up in the most ferocious weather conditions in Drachten, Friesland. In this place he has build up a remarkable conditional resistance. Besides resistance he has build up an enormous fighting shed in his backyard using only his naked bare hands. It’s even said that this shed has played an important role in fighting the gangsters from the south of the Netherlands called New Kids.

Hearing of this phenomenon the BetonBrouwers became interested in Daan. An introduction with the Fries from Drachten gave a slide twist to the story. Although the story about the fighting shed was true, it might suggest that Daan is a killing machine, while actually he’s a very nice guy with a talent for helping others. In Daan’s first year he showed the BetonBrouwers what a go-getter he is. He always takes responsibility for every task there is. Doing things thoroughly is a great characteristic for a champion, but Daan has brought working hard to the next level. Therefor his nickname is ‘Feutje Daan’ a.k.a. ‘Fresher Daan’. This suites him well, because no matter how many tasks this guy takes on, he always keeps things fresh.

Although… There is one story where the freshman had to take a long walk because of “physical unwellness” after a long tournament and a few victory-beers. In spite of this, Daan is the most fresh person the BetonBrouwers-commission has seen so far: always coming up with innovative ideas the BetonBrouwers hope to benefit from his devotion for many years.