Ivo alias ‘Iglo’

BetonBrouwer since 2015
Current function: PR Financial 

The job of Ivo is similar to the one of a Quidditch seeker. The job of the seeker is to find the golden snitch and win the game for the team. You must know that finding thee golden snitch in the concrete canoe sector is quite difficult. A proof that Ivo is the best seeker can be found on our sponsoring site. These companies are like golden snitches to us because without them we would not win. After a long year flying with his broom through the Netherlands and visiting all the companies Ivo found all golden snitches. Ivo tried looking for him at big civil engineering companies and small local businesses. After hard negotiations and some wizards skills he finally succeeded in finding enough snitches for the season.

The only thing that is unknown to the BetonBrouwers until now is how good is Ivo in performing with a paddle as magic wand. We are sure that if his paddle skills are only half as good as his Quidditcch skills he will be a very successful BetonBrouwer.