Jan alias ‘Jan Deutsch’

BetonBrouwer since 2013 Jan
Previous functions: Chief Training, Eventmanager

Long, long ago, when Jan was still living in the suburbs of Koln, he dreamed of glory and success. Something he couldn’t achieve in his current country between his fellow Germans. They always exceeded him in everything he tried, especially in the art of drinking beer. To get out of this daily grind he decided to go on an adventure

His adventure brought him to Holland, the country of cheese, tulips, windmills and drugs. To get a fresh start and to enhance is already advanced technical insights even further he started a study at the University of Twente. Here he came in contact with the civil engineering students who call themselves the BetonBrouwers. Immediately he knew that he had to impress them because this could well be the place where he could find fame and glory for himself. Because Jan is not the typical BetonBrouwer (Large and strong) he had to find another way to show them the value in his presence. By investing in his social skills and showing his determination he convinced the BetonBrouwers he was capable enough to become a part of this well-oiled machine.

The first thing that the BetonBrouwers learned the young Padawan is that personal glory and success was nothing if you can’t share it with anybody. So young Jan stepped away from his lifelong dream of success and became a humble person. He changed his priorities to spending time with his new found Dutch friends, enjoying life and opening beer bottles with bicycle wheels.

Now days Jan is key asset for the BetonBrouwers behind the scenes, he does not parade around inside the canoe at the finals. But he stands on the side, knowing that he made this all possible by maintaining excellent contact with our beloved sponsors and by his “Fingerspitzengefühl” which ensures a flawless construction process when Jan is handling concrete.