Jeroen alias ‘The boy next door’

BetonBrouwer since 2016
Current function: Chief Innovation, Chef CAD

When Jeroen got introduced to concrete in his freshmenyear at the University of Twente, he wasn’t really interested in joining the BetonBrouwers. This was because he already had some other plans during his college life: Women. Unluckily for all other members of the team Jeroen has an incredible high success rate. Rumour has it that he only joined our glorious team because of the enormous amount of women for his plan when first coming to university, but Jeroen himself has always stated he wanted to join because of his newly found love for concrete. Since all members of the BetonBrouwers have an enormous amount of love for concrete, we couldn’t reject him when he came over to us that he was interested in joining the team.
As with every disadvantage, there are also a lot of advantages sticking to Jeroen. His enormous muscles do make him a perfect person to win every years races, so a lot of the titles we have to defend are in his hands this years. Besides he is always willing to switch air matresses in case your own one has a leak in it, as long as it is an air matress made for two persons.