Kai alias ‘Herman’

BetonBrouwer since 2014 Kai
Current function: Chief Concrete
Previous function: Secretary

This men is born German and molded by Germans. But then he found out that the BetonBrouwers are a Dutch team he left his country to join them and therefore helping them to beat his own people. His knowledge about concrete helps the BetonBrouwers since 2014 to create the best chemical concrete mixtures to build the fastest canoes they have ever had! It turns out that this skill also can be used to hit on the girls which he did in Brandenburg. According to different stories, Kai has more pleasure in making concrete with the ladies instead of other intimate proceedings. We also heard from reliable sources, ( German ladies at the BKR Germany), that his concrete is the hardest they had ever seen and felt before.

Team members like Kai also take care of the trash talk during the events. With His steel face look on his face he shouts in Dutch I will kick your teeth out! We will escalate! So even before the race has started all other teams are scared or even retreats as a result of this intimidation. The knowledge of concrete and the skills to intimidate each opponent are great additions that we can use by BetonBrouwers. So we Kai will still improve his skills and helps us to victory again!