Luc alias ‘Lucky Luc’

BetonBrouwer since 2017 Luc
Current function: Chairman

Lucky Luc is the brand new recruited civil engineer of the BetonBrouwers.
He deserved his nickname at the well-known concrete canoe race in Eindhoven 2018. At this epic event Luc managed to fulfill multiple jobs, namely the job of the event manager and the chairman. Despite the busy schedule during this event he was present all day long on multiple locations where needed. He strives to perfection and acts extremely quickly comparable to the fast shooting skills of Lucky Luke. Hence, he earned his nickname.

Luc is not only interested in managing on multiple scales, but he also participated in the concrete canoe race showing a high potential level of winning an European title one day. He pushed himself to the absolute limits trying to win all the races with an enormous energy boost. In the end he used so many power and energy that he almost fainted in the concrete canoe. The only thing that made him recover and be able to step out of the canoe was a nice can of beer.

Upcoming year the intensive training and perseverance will definitely pay off!