Oane alias ‘Anne’ alias ‘Jelle’ alias ‘Lief Klein Meisje’

BetonBrouwer since 2014 Anne
Current function: Chief Construction
Previous function: Secretary

The men with thousands of name’s and nobody knows what is correct name is. They call him Anne, Oane , Jelle and this are just the popular one’s. After Johann left us for a few months we thought about the composition of our team. We noticed that there was no member coming from the lovely region of Friesland. The BetonBrouwers are an international operating group so we had no choice we need to find a person from this region to keep up our status as a multinational group.  So our group started a casting.

We thought that the people from Friesland were easy to find but with their different language it’s hard to understand them and to find them in a natural environment. After a hard and long search we figured out how we could find these people we told them that there would be something to eat after building a canoe. That was the first time Oane/Jelle/Anne got in touch with the BetonBrouwers. So we let him help us building our successfully canoe`s. It was seen that he was quite skilled in building a good canoe. As the month went by we also figured out that we need more people for the annual races. This time there was no food necessary, Oane/Jelle/Anne just appeared and then trained with us the months before the races. After a season were he just helped our multinational group we decided that he should become a member of our group.

Of course we need to find a good task for him, his favorite task was, is it any wonder, chief deep-frying. But we all know chief deep-frying is a very complex, different and important task for our group. So we started thinking what would be easy enough because, as earlier mentioned he comes from the lovely region of Friesland and then we figured out we need to teach him a proper language. Therefore he became the new secretary of the BetonBrouwers.

After the first weeks as a true BetonBrouwer we see some improvements in the language but the time between the weekly meetings and the arrival of the records from the meetings is still very big. The only reason we can think of why this happens is time difference between Friesland and Enschede. You must know all over the world there are time differences of couple hours between the countries, but the time difference between the two regions  Friesland and Enschede is more than two days. Until know we still don`t know how this works but we hope we can figure it out. What did we learn from Oane/Jelle/Anne in this article? People from friesland have a different language, they are easy to catch with food and they don’t know how the clock work.