Raymond alias ‘Ramony’

BetonBrouwer since 2015 Raymond
Previous functions: Treasurer, Chief Construction Site

In 2015 some old BetonBrouwers with high practical technical skills left the commitee. So new handy practical fellows where needed. But where do you find such people? According to some old stories handy people can be found in the southern periphery province called Noord-Brabant. Better known as the home of New Kids. Well besides the New Kids they have Raymond. Also a very coarse and rude guy but with an enormous talent! He can build and destroy things easily! He already has a large amount of knowledge about building things because his father has a company in the construction industry. He is born with a hammer in his hand and the cutlery he uses for breakfast is a drill and a saw. Therefore this dude was scouted from the South to join the BetonBrouwers and build stuff! Also he is allowed to ride everything with an engine. Except for girls which he is not allowed to ride because of his girlfriend. Therefore he is called Gaymond to discourage the girls around him who are attracted by his rough naked manly hands. With those hands he can also bring bottles of beer with a tremendous speed to his mouth. This is also a highly praised skill when you want to join the BetonBrouwers.