Ruben alias ‘Ruubdude’ alias ‘Aapje 2’

BetonBrouwer since 2012 Ruben
Previous funcions: Chief training, Chief construction site, Vice-Chairman

1992 was the year of Ruben’s birth. In the largest village of the Netherlands, Apeldoorn, he discovered his love for technological problems. In 2012 this charming boy became a man by joining us. Being serious with his study he finds a place for creativity at the BetonBrouwers. Besides being good at making canoes, he’s a master of deception. He makes perfect advantage of himself being small and turning that into lightness and fastness. He actually even succeeded in making facts out of rumours about him being part of the dream team.

This makes him the perfect man for being our trainer, but new rumours have occurred: it was said that even the dream team needs special lessons, that they travel around the world in their canoe, navigating the wildest seas, the highest waterfalls and rivers full of piranha’s, jumping salmon and grizzly bears. But just like every superhero, this man has his weak side; mermaids and other female creatures. When he sees them, the man inside him appears, joined by foolish acts.

Since being a man doesn’t mean you can’t play once in a while, his nickname is ‘Ruubdude’, which is like a very-very-very-cool-but-sometimes-childish dude. Together with ‘Aapje’ he entertains the group with stupid, but brilliant actions and playful behaviour. Besides (enter)t(r)ainer Ruben has taken responsibility for all the equipment and our working place.

Since his arrival he put down performance after performance, the prizes where all his and probably will be in the next coming years. He is a great talent, with real determination. We’re looking forward to the next events and the great moments he will gives us!