Rutger alias ‘Kutger’

BetonBrouwer since 2015
Previous function: Assistant Concrete, Charmain, Webmaster

Rutger was born in one of the harshest environments of the Netherlands: Westfriesland. Batteling the sea from an early age and being victim of several floods he knows how to deal with water. At the age of 18 he thought: ‘enough is enough’ I’m going to higher grounds to study the best study in the world at the best Civil Engineering University of the Netherlands.
Walking around the University in his freshmen year the BetonBrouwers became interested in Rutger. If anyone sees him without a shirt it wouldn’t surprise you: you can recognize the reinforced steel through his skin. Having reinforced steel that close to the heart was enough to make him chairman in his freshmen year. His campaign slogan to become chairman was short but effective: Make the BetonBrouwers great again! Politics all over the world seem to have copied his slogan due to its quality and strength.
During his first year Rutger set up a great revolution in the team. For years and years the canoes were made of loads and loads of cement. But not under Rutgers authority: nowadays we only use a 4 kilograms package of 32,5R cement of the Praxis. Just because we can!