Sander alias ‘Seeendr’

BetonBrouwer since 2015
Previous function: Secretary

Sander was born in the capital of the Behindcorner (achterhoek) Doetinchem. Doetinchem is home to the country’s best soccer club: De Graafschap. In Doetinchem he learnt to speak the famous behindcorner’s language: Akterhooks. With inspiring lectures from the most famous man from the behind corner Bennie Jolink his first technical abilities were born. As Bennie Jolinks most famous statement: “Oeoeoeh Oerend hard, kwamen zie doar aangescheurt” (translation cannot be given due to copyright issues) Sander is using this statement to yell at the teammembers in the boats to keep them going fast. At all times.

His technical skills were used in the local hospital were his job was to stich up huge wounds from people who were involved in traffic incidents. Nowadays he is involved in the EHBO of the BetonBrouwers. Since working in a committee as the BetonBrouwers comes with blood sweat in tears, he has a day task in taking care of all the wounds from the team members.