Simon alias ‘Flipke’

BetonBrouwer since 2011 
Previous functions: Treasurer, Chief innovations, Webmaster

Simon became a BetonBrouwer in the year 2011, the most successful year in the history of the BetonBrouwers. Partly because of this success he decided to become part of the “Betonnen Bikkels” of ConcepT. Simon was raised in Tiel (Gelderland) and has a typical “Brabants” accent, probably because Gelderland is too close Brabant. This weird accent prevents him from talking Dutch in a decent way.
Since the first day he joined the group, Simon surprised us all. While he was just looking around and hearing us talking about certain topics, he directly called one of the then leading members, named Yorick, a passive member. Because this is a bold thing to say for a rookie, we were looking forward to see if he can back this up with a very active attitude.
Although we were very sceptical, it seems Flipke has proven his value for the team over the past years. Unfortunately we were not able to fix his sluggish appearance, but well nobody is perfect right? At least he certainly is not. Just look at the picture. Nevertheless we are happy to have him, he is ‘special’ to us.