Tim alias ‘Deep Fry Magician’

BetonBrouwer since 2015 Tim
Current function: Chief Innovations
Previous functions: Chief Deep Frying, Eventmanager

In search for new members in 2015 we found Tim Pauli a.k.a. “the deep fry magician”. He came across as a relaxed guy that never panics and has a high determination to strengthen the whole team. But being the BetonBrouwers, we can’t just hire anyone. Therefor we did a background check on Tim. If you google Tim Pauli, the first result will be “Pants down during assault”. This sounded promising, but it turned out to be someone else. Then why did we attract Tim?

During a second strict screening, we found out that Tim has a promising primal strength. Having played tennis since he bathed in the whump of his mother, has made him fit. Since he was born in 1996 he uses a surprisingly good breakfast: Grolsch cannon beer and deep fry delicatessen. This is where his usefulness for the BetonBrouwers comes in. Not only does his speed cause a splitting of the backwater of his canoe, he also gives the team great support by using his deep fry experience.

Up to this day it is still a mystery what he does with the deep fry pan. Somehow he has learned how to make your mouth twist, turn, slide, flow, tingle and bounce at the same time with just one bite of Tim’s magic. Not only the flavor is outstanding, but also the timing, sauce choice and locations are extra-ordinary. Just ask Tim whenever you are hungry if he has some food left and somehow he manages to charm the crispiest, best structured and perfectly temperatured kroketten on command without stretching a muscle. Since every muscle used, is less potential power in the boat, this makes him the perfect deep fry guy. There is a catch though, do not ask him about frikandellen, this is his weak spot. Somehow he has some sort of frikandel-trauma. Rumor goes that he had once crashed his car, wanting to avoid smashing into a frikandel on the road, but no one really knows.

Since for his first tournament in 2016 he was a great event manager and deep fry guy, we hope his peddling technique and diversity of deep fry assortment will improve to bring the BetonBrouwers to new heights in the future.