Alwin alias ‘Skelter’ alias ‘Kwalwin’

BetonBrouwer since 2013 Alwin
Previous functions: Chief deep frying, Chief innovations

Alwin is one of the smartest guys I know. Why you ask? Because he switched teams of course. After a more or less successful season with the concrete canoe team from Zwolle in 2012, were he only won a 2nd place on the 400m men´s competition, he decided he wanted to win next time. So he did the one thing that could bring him victory, studying in Enschede and joining the BetonBrouwers. Alwin’s love for water and his competitive behavior also expresses itself in his free time. He likes to sail and plays water polo.

As a result of all this Alwin won two first and two second places this year. But things aren´t always that difficult for him. If it isn’t for his fuzzy facial hair then it is his tactic of playing hard to get. No matter how, he always gets the girl. So prices aren´t the only thing he scores on a concrete canoe challenge.