Anna alias ‘Einsteiner’

BetonBrouwer 2011-2014 Anna
Functions: PR-materials, Chief Concrete

For the first time in the history of the BetonBrouwers, a foreing student was adopted in our committee. One of them is Anna Steiner, charmed by the BetonBrouwers since her participation at the BKR in Eindhoven. At the first meeting she may seem a sweet, little and innocent girl, but we can advise: do not make Anna angry: you won’t survive that. Anna is in fact a pure winner.

Anna is responsible for everything that involves making the perfect concrete we create every year. With her German roots she helps us a lot with the publicity of the BetonBrouwers in her home country. We might even say she has become the face of our German department.
As said, Anna is a born winner and absolutely can not stand losing. That is visible at the football field: were she perfoms weekly at vv Drienerlo. As a solid defender in Ladies 1 she is the fear of all strikers. Besides that, she likes to win the third half too. Anna’s attitude comes forward in achieving great success in our concrete canoe team, she will demolish her enemies!