Bart alias ‘Bartels’

BetonBrouwer 2010-2012 Bart_Bartels
Functions: Chairman, Chef construction site & Webmaster

During the day Bart appears to be a normal guy, a hard working student with a passion for concrete canoes.  But when during the night the study books are closed, he transforms into Bartels, an irresistible womanizing party animal.

During the night the true nature of this pure bred Tukker becomes exposed as he enjoys music as Polka’s, ‘Smartlappen’ and German ‘Schlagers’. A musical taste that is well feared on the construction site during Barts presence.  During party’s as ‘De Hoeve’, ‘Mega Piraten Festijn’ and ‘Dorf Munsterland’ a mysterious winkle appears in his eyes and in combination with a big smile on his face you can tell that this party animal is in his elements.

Not only during the night Bart is at his best, also among the BetonBrouwers Bart feld like a fish in the water.  As the chairman of the BetonBrouwers Bart had the tough task to keep the committee under control. Enthusiastic from his first season he decided to join the intense training program to improve his physical strength, endurance and paddle technique. With the combination of extensive body workouts and paddle training on the Twente Canal Bart prepared himselves for the races in 2011. Unfortunatelly it turned out that he and his paddle buddy Chiel had become so strong that the canoe could not cope the brute forces and sunk.