Bart alias ‘Piggy’ alias ‘Pisvlek’

BetonBrouwer since 2013 Bart
Functions: Chief Construction S
ite, Assistant Innovations

Just like Skelter, Bart promoted from the concrete canoe team of Windesheim to a real BetonBrouwer. At his previous team he gained a lot of experience in building concrete canoes, but he did not have much success. All he ever achieved was a well-deserved bad-luck-price! After this disappointing result Bart was ready for a new start, he searched for success, he searched for a challenge! After a year at the University of Twente, Bart found his way into the most successful team of Europe for a new chance of glory.

Bart is also known as a pig farmer from Vilsteren, hence the nickname “Piggy”. Since 1991 Bart has been living on a farm. Therefore he has a sober point of view on the world and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Too bad that Vilsteren is not exactly close to the home base of the BetonBrouwers. Therefore he has to drive roughly 60 km every day to reach Enschede, and of course 60 km back home again. Luckily he has his own van which brings him safely back and forth. And you better not say anything negative about his van because it is like a second girlfriend to him, where he regularly spends the night with.

Bart is not only a talented concrete canoe constructor, but he also has his own business. With no more than 1 employee and one manager, aka Bart himself, he is active in the wood distribution sector. This kind of business is very convenient when you need materials for the construction of a new canoe mould… Bart will be a great addition to the team and will try his best, side by side with the other BetonBrouwers, to triumph over all the other teams at the next concrete canoe challenge!