Casper alias ‘The Blister’

BetonBrouwer 2010-2012 Casper
Old functions
: Chief construction site

In November 1987 Casper was born in the most beautiful town of Limmen, a small town with approximately 7000 inhabitants. In 2006 Casper moved to Enschede, to study Civil Engineering, which was highly appreciated by the inhabitants of Limmen. Sadly enough for them he returns weekly to drive a forklift for work.

Luckily the people of Enschede did like Casper, and in 2009 he decided to enter the BetonBrouwers when he finished his year on the board of the Study Association of ConcepT. Casper is of great value to the BetonBrouwers, with his hard working mentality if he manages to finally start doing something. Nowadays, Casper is the manager of our workplace, where he tries to see where everyone puts the equipment and to put it in the right place. Casper can be really serious if it’s necessary, and he is putting all his effort in trying fix the isolation of our workplace, since our workplace is not isolated at the moment.

Casper is training hard for the Concrete canoe race, where he tries to beat everyone. Time will tell if his anger to win will result in the first place. This are the kind of people the BetonBrouwers need to make sure that this year’s title again is claimed by the BetonBrouwers.

To sum up: Casper can be seen as our cheerful, motivated and knowledgeable, but particular cheerful team member and with him the BKR 2011 will come to a good end.