Chiel alias ‘De Beunhaas’

BetonBrouwer 2009-2014 Chiel
Old functions: Chairman, PR, Chef Concrete

It is said that Chiel sleeps with a concrete bible besides his bed and that concrete is running through his veins. If it’s true nobody knows, what we do know is that Chiel is fanatic about concrete and its applications. This passion for the material and his practical insight make him a perfect member of the BetonBrouwers. After being the chairmen for a while Chiel decide it was time for somebody else to take over the stick and he started working as PR-materials this year. Beside this job he was responsible for making an even better concrete mixture then the previous years.

Beside working hard for the BetonBrouwers Chiel has some more passions. One of these is playing soccer. Chiel is an fanatic player and plays for multiple teams. Most times he plays as a defender and his favourite position is left back. On the pitch Chiel is a hard worker and feared by many opponents, something he also achieved by participating at the canoe races. By becoming third in last year’s races he is a competitor people should keep in mind.

After telling last year Chiel was into croissants, brie and red wine we can happily announce this year is all about burritos and sombrero’s. As a team we are happy with his change of flavour because she offered to help us building the canoes, and that is good news because everybody knows Mexicans are hard workers. Hopefully Chiel will be able to win a price just like last year and with his Mexican girlfriend supporting him during the races Chiel will be a tough one to beat.