Cindy alias ‘Cindieeeee’

BetonBrouwer 2011-2015 Cindy
Old functions: PR-financial, Secretary, Vice-Chairman

Since Cindy is the first female BetonBrouwer, the moment that Cindy became a part of the BetonBrouwers became a historical moment in the already rich history of the committee. With her good looks she makes many concrete hearts beat faster. Hopefully this will have a positive influence on the performance on the guys in the team. A positive effect or not it’s for sure that Cindy is determined to make season 2012 a big success.

Despite her fanaticism and persistence there is one thing that worries the other BetonBrouwers. Cindy and concrete canoes don’t seem to like each other. Maybe her father, who works in the cement industry, forgot to learn Cindy that concrete can be fragile in some circumstances since she sunk a canoe during her Kick-In period. Despite her first experience with a concrete canoe resulted in a wet suit it luckily didn’t stop her, since in the past two years Cindy has shown to be a very talented concrete canoeist.

With her winner mentality she fits perfectly within the team. Thereby she is a fanatic racing cyclist, her love for cycling results in such a perfect physical condition that even a mountain pass in the Italian Dolomites is no challenge for our Cindy. But since this year Cindy has a new passion; playing soccer! Her condition in combination with some training on the water would make Cindy a feared opponent because no matter if she is racing on a bike or paddling a canoe, when racing, Cindy gives all she’s got!