Daniël alias ‘The Tsar’

BetonBrouwers 2007-2009 Daniel
Old functions: Chairman, treasurer and Head of Design

The 25th of October 1983 was the day that Daniël, later simply Dani, saw the light of day. This made Daniël the eldest within the BetonBrouwers. A role that suits him; as the pater familias he regularly encouraged the youngsters to develop themselves, but in the mean time he kept an eye out to ensure the future of the BetonBrouwers would be as bright or even brighter than its past. Being one of the founders of the BetonBrouwers he has been with BetonBrouwers since the start in 2007. Over the years Daniël has occupied many positions within the committee. In 2007 he started as the chairman and fulfilled this role with passion. Since the group was under-staffed that year, he was on top of everything and made sure everybody did his job as he desired. This gave him reputation of “The Tsar”. After being the treasurer in 2008, he fulfilled the role of “head of design” in 2009. Over time Daniël has seen every aspect of the concrete canoe building business and has developed himself into a real concrete canoe guru.

But Daniël didn’t always dream about concrete canoes, he also liked to undertake non concrete related activities. One of these activities was dressing up in all green with his army boots and crawl thru the mud. Yes ladies and gentlemen, The Tsar liked to pretend to be a soldier boy, taking orders instead of giving them and guard duty are all in a weekends fun. However playing soldier isn’t all Daniël did in his spare time, as he also liked to play the occasional game of handball or speak Spanish, something the women in Spain greatly appreciated (or so he makes us all believe). In between serving his country and playing with concrete, he found the time to finally finish his education. Nowadays, Daniël is a free citizen who was graduated on some water subject. Though the construction of concrete canoes will keep on going it will never be the same without the inspiring presence of our very own concrete canoe guru.