Frank alias ‘Prof. Arms’

BetonBrouwer 2007-2012 Frank
Old functions: Head of design and Event Manager


On the 27th of December 1985 a bright star in heaven wasn’t guiding three kings to the promised land, but towards the city of Nijmegen: the birth of the young miracle Frank Aarns was a fact. His sporting capabilities became evident when he swam the Waal river towards the small village of Elst, where he grew up and his interest in Civil Engineering rose.

During his years in Twente, it was clear that Frank wanted to do some more than just study. Together with fellow students he was one of the founders of the BetonBrouwers and became chairman a study tour towards South Africa. Besides that, in a possible Third World War situation, Frank will put his life in line for our beautiful country as a ‘Saturday and Sunday’ soldier of the National Reserves of the Royal Dutch Army.

Though that was not yet the summit for this blond ‘womanizer’. In 2010 Frank was selected to perform the role of Technical Project Leader in the Solar Team Twente. Although nothing is so interesting and challenging as building concrete canoes, Professor Arms decided to construct a solar car to compete with other teams in the famous World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2011. Although Frank knows from concrete canoeing experiences how to deal with teams as from other universities, he did not manage, together with his team, to beat the competition ‘down under’.

2012 will be the last year of Frank’s career as a BetonBrouwer. Together with another concrete canoe legend, Sevrien, Frank was unbeatable on the water from 2008 to 2011. Frank’s name will have a prominent name on ConcepT’s ‘wall of fame’ and will be remembered forever as one of the most dedicated to concrete canoeing in the history of this study association.