Hildemar alias ‘Hilly’

BetonBrouwer 2009-2010 Hildemar
Old function: Secretary


Hildermar Houtenbos, among friends better known as ‘Hilly’; a funny name that exactly describes the person. He prefers to call himself ‘the Hilster’; though it was never accepted during the two years Hilly was a proud member of the BetonBrouwers. Hilly was born in Bentveld, a small village close to the North sea shores. During his life close to the water, Hilly found out that eating meat is not a thing he is happy about. As a vegetarian he dislikes meat; we as BetonBrouwers have no idea why he prefers carrots above frikandellen or bitterballs and we guess it will always remain a secret.

After starting his study in 2007 he decided to make part of the “BetonBrouwers” in 2008. This was the begin of the best period in his life. As a member of the “BetonBrouwers” he was responsible for making the notes during the meetings. Beside that he created a necessary amount of fun during the construction day’s. Something Hilly is made for. The only thing he has to work on, it to become supporter of a ‘real’ football club, and not A**X from Amsterdam. Due to the successes in the season of 2009 in Roermond and Essen, Hilly wanted to be a BetonBrouwer for one more season. During the winter months of 2009 and 2010, Hildemar trained hard to be in good physical and mental shape for the Concrete Canoe Races in Utrecht. Together with Bart, he made it to the semi-finals in both the 200m and 400m. After the 2010 season Hilly unfortunately decided to stop at his summit. Though both Hilly and the remaining BetonBrouwers look back at two phenomenal years in which Hilly established his name in the interesting world of concrete canoeing.