Jasper alias ‘Jasper het Spookje.’

BetonBrouwer 2013-2015 Jasper
Old function: Treasurer


On a bright day somewhere in July 1993 this beautiful boy was born. No word was said, but it was known: this boy is going to be a concrete farmer! As he decides to study Civil Engineering at the University of Twente he soon became active at study association ConcepT. But unfortunately he chose the wrong committee. He chose the ‘first year committe’, commonly known as the ‘feutjes’/freshmans. After a year of fooling himself he finally decided to join a real committee, the ‘BetonBrouwers’, to prove himself he is worth something. As quiet as he seems, beer makes him doing crazy things!

This boy has some strange habits. Like speaking a very strange dialect called ‘Brabants’, luckily for us he speaks a very neat version of it. At least his connection with his original habitat is not a strong as his wrongful pronunciation of the letter ‘G’. He loves to ride his iron horse(mountain-bike), and enjoys going camping in the wild woods. Maybe that is the reason why he feels so at home on the campus, and decide to live there. Another example of his passion for camping is that, besides keeping track of the ‘BetonBrouwers’ finances, he also helped organising the intro-camp for the first years in 2013.

Returning to the finances however, does not shows his strong side. As treasurer he seems to allow every transaction. One mind think we have an infinite amount of money, he makes us think we are millionaires. Maybe we are, but anyway thanks to our treasurer the money will keep flowing. Though, in the canoe he an example for everyone. Working his ass of in training, peddling like a beast! Not to forget his constant contribution on all kind of side issues. In short, he is a hard worker who performs as expected from him and often exceed those expectations. Perhaps we could describe him as an East-European immigrant worker, but than better and without the negative side effects whom might say they have.