BetonBrouwer 2008-2009 Jeroen
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General Member


Jeroen Heesbeen, a proud supporter of the NEC soccer club, started his career of civil engineering in 2003. By the year of 2008 he decided to join the BetonBrouwers. This resulted in an additional excelent brain within the committee. During 2008, Jeroen was partly responsible for the improvement of the construction method. Together with Daniël he filosofied about the new canoe ConcepT. Thereby they started with looking at the principles for the optimal shape of a concrete canoe, forming the basis for season 2009. Though his membership only lasted shortly, he was the first member with a talent for web design. The first version of our website is therefore from his hand helping us entering the digital age. After the concrete canoe challenge in 2008 Jeroen decided to shift his focus completly on his study again and said goodbye to the BetonBrouwers after one year of dedication.