Mareen alias ‘Stroevendraaier’

BetonBrouwer 2010-2011 Mareen
Old function: General member
Birth date: 28 augu
st 1990


Mareen was on of the international team members of the team. Born in Emlichheim, she surely has some “German Gründlichkeit”. After the successes in Germany (2009) it is logical that some German groupies wanted to work together with the handsome BetonBrouwers. As a matter of fact, Mareen already scored the former (although the current might wish so) chairman, Bart, before entering our committee.

During her time with the BetonBrouwers, Mareen put a lot of effort in the BetonBrouwers. During constructing she turned out to be quit handy with tools, as where her nickname ‘Stroevendraaier’ comes from. If she also possesses this in the art of canoeing is unknown, as it seemed the pressure was too high last year, she had to stay home to recover from illness. Hopefully she will get another chance in one of the future races.