Peter alias ‘The Pun King’

BetonBrouwer 2009-2011 Peter
Old functions: General member, Head of Design
Birth date: 30 july 1987


Despite of his inexperience with concrete canoes Peter had already lived up to several reputations in the committee before he joined the team. The best way to describe Peter is to tell about these reputations. The first reputation is about his task. Peter was the head of design and was thereby responsible for the shape of the 2011 canoes. Peter can be really smart, serious and perfectionistic. He optimized the 2010 design and managed to reduce weight and improve speed!

But Peter has more reputations. After a day of hard work for his study Construction Management & Engineering, the BetonBrouwers, or his hobby cycling, Peter really likes to drink beer with his friends. When doing that, he is still smart, serious and perfectionistic. In the end Peter is always the last man standing, because his friends quit one by one. Well that’s what you call a perfectionist!

Luckily, Peter is not always smart and serious. However, we always have to listen to Peter twice. Not because he speaks unclear, but Peter makes almost permanent jokes while no one notices. Puns are the specialty of this young man. And that’s why we called him ‘The Pun King’!