Rik alias ‘Fry King’

BetonBrouwer 2008-2012 Rik
Old f
ucntions: Treasurer, Event Manager


Our very own ‘fry king’ was born in the city of Arnhem, but still manages to be a jolly fellow. Proud of his heritage and full of love for the game of football, he’s a devoted supporter of Vitesse (sadly not a particularly good team in the Dutch Eredivisie, but they try to become champion in 2013).

As Event Manager, Rik makes sure every detail about our being at the races is as it should be. He is the one that is always in contact with the BKR organization about things that are not sure or still has to be done. He also makes a great deal about the team structure during the races, making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Rik isn’t the best constructor on the team, but provides something way more important: his famous minced-meat hot dogs, frikadellen. This is actually how he got the name “Fry King Rik”. Rik keeps the team nourished during the long hours of development and construction of the canoes. He also makes sure that there always is a fresh box of beer to celebrate the birth of yet another canoe! By doing this, Rik keeps the team hard-working and happy during construction. Nothings speeds up a building process more than the prospect of a cold Grolsch Beer accompanied by Rik’s famous minced-meat hot dogs!

In short: Rik has one of the most important roles in our team. He motivates the others to always give their best effort!