Robin alias ‘Maatjes’

BetonBrouwer 2006-2007 Robin
Old function: Public Relations
Birth date: 9 december 1986


Robin Maatjes was one of the founders of the BetonBrouwers in 2007. After growing up in the scenic village of Dalfsen, Robin decided to study Civil Engineering at Twente University. Together with Daniël, Frank and Sevrien, he managed to design and build three canoes which were after all very successful in the Dutch concrete canoe challenge of 2007. Robin made sure that enough money flew in in the first year of the BetonBrouwers to make nice canoes.

Training at the canoe department of student sporting club Euros, Robin decided that Canoeing was a new part of his life. He turned out to be a fanatical canoeist, which he still is. Especially Canoe Polo is one of the forms of canoeing Robin favours. Thanks to Robin the base was laid for the BetonBrouwers’ successes of later years.