Sander alias ‘Daffy’

BetonBrouwer since 2012 Sander
Old functions:Chairman, Vice-Chairman


During a cold and windy blue Monday in January there was a lighting bolt in the sky. Because it wasn’t a star it didn’t attract the Sheppard but the result was almost just as stunning, because there was Sander. During his year as a board member of ConcepT (he was responsible for internal affairs) he build/demolished everything on his path. As a miracle he wasn’t responsible for the BetonBrouwers, but still he was involved in most of their construction work. During the races he decided that drinking beer was just as important as peddling.

Now the time has come to rise, so Sander decided to drink even more. But before drinking he is found at the construction site or on the water training. While working on the canoes Sander is capable of using three tools at the same time. On the water it is even worse; just like hundred years ago there is an iron monster on the water. A man stopped only by an iceberg or by your little sister, so buy a gigantic freezer or make a sacrifice…