BetonBrouwer 2007-2008 Sander_retired
Old functions: Public Relations
Birth date: 16 may 1988


1988 The year in which the Dutch national football team won the European championships marked the beginning of Sanders life. Sander started his career in civil engineering 2006, being born in Hengelo meant there was another Tukker with the BetonBrouwers. Sander joined the BetonBrouwers after their first season which saw two 2nd places. He couldn’t bear the idea of the BetonBrouwers coming in second in the following and being the sportsman that he is he decided to help out. During the 2008 season Sander was responsible for the BetonBrouwers public relations and as a result money was shoveled in. With an abundance of cash the BetonBrouwers were able to produce three magnificent canoes and win the 2008 concrete canoe race.

The season of 2008 was Sanders first and only season with the BetonBrouwers, after just one season Sander decided to become chairman of ConcepT’s 16th symposium committee.