Sevrien alias ‘The Bear of Boekelo’

BetonBrouwer 2007-2011 Sevrien
Old functions: Secretary, Material Commissioner, Vice-Chairman, Training coach
Birth date: 25 October 1987

As one of the founders of the BetonBrouwers, Sevrien was a dedicated member of the committee for more than five years. He left the BetonBrouwers in 2011 after graduating. He was born in the scenic hamlet Boekelo and is still living there. Six years ago he started his study Civil Engineering in Twente. Now, graduated he slowly lets his student life behind him to become a real citizen. Though, Sevrien can’t let go paddling, so another year of canoe training lays ahead: kepping himselve and teammates in top condition. Will he be participating in the 2012 concrete canoe races? No one knows…

Some things don’t need an explanation, like Sevrien’s nickname. You only have to watch him and his first paddle strokes, connect that to his beloved hometown and you will understand why we call him ‘The bear of Boekelo’.

2011 was a special year for Sevrien and his canoe buddy Frank, because this was their last chance for the legendary couple to defend their titles. Both during the Dutch and German competitions they were not to be beaten. Therefore they could call themsleves Dutch and European champion for the fourth resp. second time in a row.
Beside his passion for our ‘dondersgeile’ concrete canoes, described in his own words, we can find Sevrien by his beloved trains. He is putting a lot of time in driving them, doing maintenance, dreaming about it and travel around the world with his photo camera to get them on picture. Also in the little community of Boekelo he is always busy, as a diehard supporter of the best football club of the country, FC Twente. In the winter Sevrien is still training but also busy with his other passion: carnival. Every year he helps building their own carnival trailer and drinking beer with ‘The Pummels uit Boekelo’. Maybe we should not dwell on…