Sido alias ‘Sido’

BetonBrouwer since 2012 Sido_v2
Old functions: PR-financial, PR-media


In the year 1991 on a cold, Frisian April night Sido Grin made this world a little warmer with his first breath into this world. Later he studied one year Civil Engineering in Leeuwarden, but because of his excellent performances there he had to move on at the age of nineteen to the far east of the Netherlands. In 2011 he began the study Civil Engineering in Twente which he is doing very well. In his first year he was impressed by his roommates who were member of the BetonBrouwers. Besides that his heart began to beat faster when he touched concrete. These two things are the main reason he joined us. But Sido couldn’t decide what kind of function he wanted in this great organization. So he helped where he could help.

He was at the tournament in Zwolle and in Utrecht to help and support. What he really enjoyed was the nightlife of these cities. He showed how you can arrange a cab paid by young and good looking ladies from Zwolle. These ladies paid his cab so he could stay longer in the club with them or else he had to leave earlier by bus like the rest of the BetonBrouwers. He is the only one who can achieve this while having a girlfriend!

A year later in Utrecht he showed his other skill. He was our eventmanager for the weekend and did an amazing job. Without Sido no BetonBrouwer would’ve started in the right canoe at the right time. And he kept good contact with one of our biggest rivals from Utrecht who were simultaneously the tournament staff. He kept an eye on them and on the BetonBrouwers the whole time. The result was a successful tournament for the BetonBrouwers in the hometown of our opponent. Of course he enjoyed the nightlife in Utrecht as well and we are grateful for him already having a girlfriend for that he would be too much competition for the other male BetonBrouwers.