Ynze alias ‘Johan’

BetonBrouwer 2010-2014 Ynze
Old functions: Chairman, General Member


On the stormy day of 20 December 1986, the Fries’ town of Leeuwarden was startled by the birth of Ynze Goinga. After having an interesting youth in the litte town of Lippenhuizen (near Gorredijk, Friesland), he didn’t know what to do after his years on the secondary school. That’s why this sober Fries decided to undertake a complete foot trip to China! Only crazy people think about walking to Beijing, but Ynze really did it. Visiting nice and picturesque countries as Israel, Libanon and Iran. Even Afghanistan was crossed. Though there came a time that our ‘Afghan warrior’ had to choose for his future.

Because Ynze didn’t like Delft  (and he’s right!) he decided to choose for the best option: studying Civil Engineering at the University of Twente in Enschede. In Twente Ynze became notorious as ‘Johan’ of ‘Josef’. As the responsible board member for the Betonbrouwers, Ynze was triggered by the success and sociably atmosphere of this concrete canoe team. He therefore paddled a few heats with ‘the Slagtand’ in the concrete canoe challenge of 2010 in Utrecht. Although this canoe weight almost 100 kg, Ynze made it, together with Laura, to the finals 400 meter mixed. Ynze decided, already as board member, that he had not yet reached the summit of his capabilities. That’s why the BetonBrouwers could welcome Ynze as a new member in January 2011. Within the last few months Ynze proved he is a good catch for the BetonBrouwers. He keeps the atmosphere relaxed and goes along with everything. Ynze claims that he has helped constructing every single concrete canoe of the last two years and he is determined to keep this record. After a day of construction he likes to drink a nice cold beer, that’s why he also joined the bubble commission. But the best characteristic of Ynze is his well developed taste for woman, although this doesn’t always result in a good score.