Yorick alias ‘Foppe’

BetonBrouwer 2009-2011 Yorick
Old functions: General member, Treasurer
Birth Date: 24 april 1991

Yorick alias Foppe is born in Stadskanaal, a small city in Grunn. Since he speaks exactly like football coach Foppe de Haan, he has the nickname ‘Foppe’.  But because of his love for Grunn and the rivalry between Grunn and Friesland, the birthplace of Foppe de Haan, he is not really contented with his nickname.

After his secondary school he left the north for the very east. He decided to study Civil Engineering and Management in the beautiful city of Enschede. A decision that directly seemed to be the right one. Before his first day in college he met the BetonBrouwers. During the introduction week he had the opportunity to paddle a bit in one of the beautiful concrete canoes of season 2009. The goal of the BetonBrouwers was to discover the maximum impact of a concrete canoe. Yorick succeeded by destroying two of our canoes. Thanks to his experiment we knew something more about the strength of our canoes.

After seven months of studying he learned enough about concrete to make him suitable for a position within the team. From then on everything went quick. After two times of helping with constructing a canoe, the team offered him a contract. because it was his dream to become a BetonBrouwer he directly signed. From then on there was another proud member of the BetonBrouwers untill season 2011 when he left to organise a Study Tour to Indonesia and Signapore.